Wearable Technology for Seniors

Senior couple reviews a smart watch.

Wearable Devices for Seniors

Technology has flourished greatly from the days of having large computers in your living room. Improvements over the years have provided us with many technological advances, leading to devices that we can wear every day. These wearable devices can not only help improve the quality of life but can also help keep us safe. Read on to find out how wearable technology can help make your life easier.

What is Wearable Technology?

Wearable technology is, to put it simply, an electronic device that consumers can wear on their bodies or in their clothing. Typically, people use wearable devices to track health and wellness factors, such as calories burned or steps walked. Other examples of wearable technology include smartwatches that serve as a phone, wearable GPS trackers and even smart glasses that highlight objects in your environment.

Types of Wearable Technology

As technology has improved, researchers have been able to implement new uses into common products and make them even more useful. Here are a few types of wearable technology that anyone can utilize.


At first, the humble watch’s only purpose was to tell the time. But now, smartwatches further extend the capabilities of the regular watch with more features. For example, the Apple Watch comes equipped with several abilities, some of which include:

  • Monitoring heart rate
  • Placing phone calls
  • Streaming music
  • Emergency SOS calling

Another popular smartwatch is the Fitbit. Specifically designed for activity, the Fitbit is equipped with features to help you live a healthy life. From heart rate monitoring and exercise tracking to even measuring the amount of sleep each night, watches like the Fitbit work to keep track of your physical health so you have an immediate way to track your progress

Medical Devices

Some wearable devices go further in tracking physical health. For example, EKG monitoring can be done by simply having a device in your pocket. These function like regular monitors in hospitals by monitoring your heart rate and detecting abnormalities.

Research is ongoing in finding ways to actively detect medical conditions while people go about their everyday lives. For example, some smartphone applications are able to track the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and determine the severity of the disease. One way Alzheimer’s symptoms can be tracked is through a person’s walking, as the condition can affect the symmetry and posture of a person’s gait. Some apps also have voice assistants that can monitor and report any differences in a person’s vocal patterns.

More Examples of Wearable Technology

Wearable technology goes beyond the smartwatch and medical devices. Here are a few more examples of their use:

  • Navigation services can help people with disabilities to navigate safely. The Aira service can be downloaded to any smartphone, smartwatch or other tech, and the service will guide visually impaired persons to their destination.
  • GPS systems are immensely useful in tracking where you are. Wearable GPS systems can also help track people who are on the way to a destination. And, they can also you get back to where you need to be if you end up lost while on a walk or a drive.
  • Smart glasses have a wide variety of uses, from changing lenses to accommodate for sunlight, to taking pictures with a voice command. These types of glasses are still being developed and tested, but experts are predicting they’ll make an impact in the near future.
  • Smart clothes are a new development that integrates technology into the clothing itself. For example, smart sleepwear can improve the quality of your sleep by releasing heat from the body. Another example are smart shirts that can track your heart and breathing rate and make recommendations on workouts and other physical activity.

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