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Senior Living with Purpose

After years of looking forward to retirement, many retirees miss the sense of belonging and purpose that comes from the workplace. In order to stay connected, residents at Advent Christian Village have the opportunity to participate in our senior volunteer program.

While senior volunteering is not required at our community, it is encouraged. We know the strong sense of purpose that comes from dedicating time to helping others. And that’s only the start to the benefits volunteering in retirement can offer.

Volunteering is an opportunity to add a renewed sense of purpose and passion to life. Volunteer work for seniors offers broader social networks and a way to stay active in the community — and with that, a sense of belonging. Plus, you’ll get the added benefit of keeping your skills and your mind sharp.

The Benefits of Volunteering in Retirement

  • A positive impact on your mental health.
  • Helping you stay physically active.
  • Interacting with younger generations and sharing your life experience.
  • More opportunities for social interaction.

Advent Christian Village members volunteer in a variety of ways. Here are a few examples:

  • Senior Living Community TourHelping in one of the volunteer-run shops
  • Giving tours
  • Maintaining the Advent Christian Village archives
  • Photographing people, places and events
  • Visiting the sick
  • Distributing birthday cards
  • Helping with our closed-circuit television channel

Join Our Senior Volunteer Program Today

There are so many ways to enhance your life through volunteering at Advent Christian Village. Our team of senior living volunteers is always looking for new members who share their passion for helping others.

If you have questions about the senior volunteer program at Advent Christian Village, call our volunteer coordinator at (386) 658-5400.


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