The Secret to Keeping Your Sense of Purpose

After years of looking forward to retirement, many retirees miss the sense of belonging and purpose that comes from the workplace. They may feel isolated, and that life is meaningless.

At Advent Christian Village, while volunteering is not required, it is encouraged. Volunteering can add a renewed sense of purpose and passion to life. It offers broader social networks and a way to stay active in the community — and with that, a sense of belonging. It is a great way to keep your skills and your mind sharp.

Many ACV members volunteer in a variety of ways. Here are a few examples:

  • Help out in one of the volunteer-run shops
  • Give tours
  • Answer phones during staff lunch breaks
  • Help set up for an activity
  • Maintain the Village archives
  • Direct traffic at a Village event
  • Photograph people, places and events
  • Assemble documents
  • Visit the sick
  • Distribute birthday cards
  • Help out with ACV’s closed-circuit television channel

There are so many ways to enhance your life through volunteerism at Advent Christian Village. If you have specific questions about volunteerism at ACV, call our volunteer coordinator at (386) 658-5400.


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