3 Benefits of Assisted Living at Advent Christian Village

An image of an older adult woman using a walker and her caretaker to show the benefits of assisted living.

If you are searching for the right assisted living community for yourself or a loved one, you know that it’s not a small decision, and the details matter. At Advent Christian Village, we’re proud that our assisted living stands apart in not just the big things, like location, affordability and quality, but in the little everyday things that make life more comfortable for our residents. If you’re still on the fence, here are three benefits of assisted living at Advent Christian Village and what they could mean for you.

1. No Unexpected Costs

At Advent Christian Village, assisted living is all-inclusive – including utilities. This means that you or your loved one will not have to worry about new or unexpected costs, just one flat rate each month. Assistance is available around-the-clock for no additional fee. Basic services, such as cleaning, laundry and food prep, are all included. Residents can enjoy the feeling of being home and  being cared for by people who care about them.

For added peace of mind, we also provide emergency services, Wi-Fi, on-campus transportation and more at no additional cost.

2. Home-Like Environment

There’s no place like home, which is why residents at our assisted living facility bring home with them. Each resident can customize his or her living space with their decorations, personal items and even small furniture. It’s a great option for those who need some support but wish to maintain a feeling of independence in their own space.

In addition, those who want a little more activity can take advantage of easy-to-access locations around campus such as our wellness center. You can meet with friends, have visitors and even engage in social activities and clubs. The atmosphere is cheerful, vibrant and full of energy – not too much unlike a regular neighborhood.

For those who enjoy spending time outside, there is also plenty of rural beauty to discover at Advent Christian Village. Dowling Park is peaceful, serene and safe – perfect for an afternoon relaxing under the trees with a good book.

3. Respite Care Options

Finally, one of the benefits of assisted living at Advent Christian Village is the option for respite, or temporary, care. It’s available if your loved one needs short-term assistance (for instance, in recovery from a medical procedure) or if their caretaker is unable to assist them for a period of time.

Each respite care resident spends a limited amount of time in our comfortable facility with all the familiar warmth of home. They receive the same great benefits, support and care as our other residents, giving loved ones peace of mind that they will be well cared for during their stay. Additionally, this includes access to social activities, live events and a wonderful community of older adults.

Finding the Right Care

Not all assisted living facilities are created equal. That’s why finding the right one matters. You or your loved one should enjoy a community that feels comfortable, homey and supportive with the care you need to thrive. Many of the important benefits of assisted living are in the details: the everyday services and amenities that make life just a little bit easier.

At Advent Christian Village, we believe it’s important to meet each person where they are and provide the care they need. That’s why assisted living is an important part of the continuum of care we provide. Have questions about assisted living or other options available in our vibrant, faith-based community? We would love to speak with you. Give us a call today at (800) 467-3353 to learn more or schedule a tour.

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