7 Tips for Cooking in a Smaller Kitchen

Making the transition to a senior living apartment can be a big adjustment. Apartment spaces are smaller than traditional houses, which makes them much easier to manage, but sometime allow less space for cooking and other activities. If you’ve recently moved to a senior living apartment, don’t let that stop you from getting creative in the kitchen. Here are seven tips to get the most out of your smaller kitchen space.

1. Utilize every space.

Look for small spaces around your kitchen that can be used for storage. Many storage containers and bins are designed to fit in kitchen nooks for maximum use of the space. Is there space between your refrigerator and the wall? That might be a great place to store cutting boards or placemats.

2. Install wall hooks.

Wall hooks are an easy, and even decorative, way to keep kitchen utensils up and out of the way. Many stores carry sticky, removable hooks you can use to hang spoons, ladles and more – no hammer and nails needed. Look around your apartment kitchen for open walls that could be used for this purpose.

3. Choose easy-to-store items.

When selecting kitchenware, choose items that are easily stackable for storage in your smaller kitchen. For instance, many nesting mixing bowl sets stack together and store easily in cabinets or drawers. Avoid bulky or overly decorative kitchen equipment that will take up extra space.

4. Keep it where you use it.

To make your kitchen space as convenient as possible, arrange items based on where you’ll need them. For instance, if you have a coffee pot on the counter, store coffee mugs in the cabinet above that counter where you’ll be reaching for them. Keeping your kitchen organized is helpful for bigger and smaller kitchens alike.

5. Don’t waste counter space.

To make the most of your smaller kitchen’s counter space, don’t leave out kitchen appliances unless you use them every day. Determine which items you use the most, then store the others, such as blenders and toaster ovens, in cabinets until you need them.

6. Choose one-pot recipes.

Many recipes are specifically designed as one-pot or one-bowl recipes to use as few pots and pans as possible. Not only do these recipes leave less clean-up, they’re much easier to manage in a smaller kitchen space. From pasta dishes to Pad Thai, you’ll be amazed what you can create with just one pot or pan. Click here for a few recipes to get you started.

7. Clean as you go.

This tip is helpful for every kitchen, but particularly for smaller ones: Always clean as you go. When cooking or baking, it’s easy for pots, pans and utensils to fill up the kitchen sink and countertops, leaving you nowhere to work. Washing dishes, or simply putting them in the dishwasher, as you work keeps your space tidy and open. Plus, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy your creation at the end instead of laboring over a sink full of dirty dishes.

Moving to a senior living apartment with a smaller kitchen doesn’t have to limit your creativity – in fact, moving to a fresh kitchen space might be just the inspiration you need. Did you know that getting in the kitchen is good for your mind? Studies have shown that cooking and baking can have calming and even mood-boosting effects. Not only do the feel, sounds and smells of cooking stimulate the senses – it’s a great way to think outside the box and show your creative side.

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