Choosing the Right Senior Living Community for Your Needs

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As you begin to think about what your life will look like after retirement, there are certain things you might be envisioning. For instance, you might consider whether you want to constantly be on the go, or if a relaxing lifestyle is more your speed; whether you want to reside in a certain climate; or perhaps you might require specific medical care. This is why choosing the right senior living community is an important decision — undoubtedly one of the most important decisions of your life.

Today, many seniors make the decision to downsize their homes earlier in life and move to an independent living community. This choice provides social activities and friendships while you still own or rent a private home or apartment. Plus, it allows you to adjust your living arrangements as you get older and start to require more care.

What to Look for in a Senior Living Community

Use this checklist and compare a prospective senior living community’s living options, services and amenities offered to what your specific needs may be:

    1. Recreation: A good recreation schedule promotes socialization and can give you something to look forward to each day.
    2. Medical care: Know what kind of medical care is available and what specialists are nearby if you have specific medical needs.
    3. Continuum of care: Look for a community that has a continuum of care, meaning you can start out living independently and gradually receive more care as your needs change.
    4. Lifestyle: You worked hard for years so you want to be able to enjoy this part of your life. You don’t want any surprises such as not being able to own a pet or plant a garden. Make sure everything you want (or don’t want) for your lifestyle is possible at the community you choose.
    5. Amenities: Every place has its own amenities, and you need to find the one that fits all of your requirements. Plus, you want a community that will give you the most amenities for your dollar.
    6. Maintenance: Know how much maintenance is covered by the community if you plan to purchase a home in an independent living area.
    7. Weather: Consider the weather if you are planning to relocate. Do you prefer a warm climate or will you miss the changing seasons?
    8. Budget: Last but certainly not least, your budget is a significant factor. Sit down with an advisor and go over your finances to see exactly what you can afford.


Take a Tour of the Senior Living Community

Once you have narrowed your search, be prepared to tour some communities in person. Choosing your future home and lifestyle based on a brochure or website is not ideal. It’s important to get a feel for a senior living community, see what the quality of life is like for its residents, and meet the staff.

Life at Advent Christian Village

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