How to Stage a Home for Sale

A staged master bedroom to prepare to move to a senior living community.

Selling your home can be one of the most complex aspects of moving to a senior living community. In addition to finding the right real estate agent to work with and sorting through your belongings, you’ll want to make sure that your home sells as quickly as possible. That’s where staging your home can help!

With just a few small changes to your décor and the outside of your home, you can make your home more appealing to potential buyers. Staging a home has been proven to help a house sell faster by encouraging buyers to see themselves living in the home, according to the National Association of Realtors.

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Your Home Staging Resource: 5 Steps to Staging a Home

1. Complete Your Outstanding Projects

If you have started on a project but haven’t finished it, complete your work before putting your house on the market. Most likely, it will add additional value to your home. Additionally, no one wants to inherit a project when buying a new house. Finishing up all incomplete projects will make your home more marketable to potential buyers.

2. Add a Fresh Coat to Your Home

It is quite remarkable how easily a fresh coat of paint can brighten up the home! When painting your home, choose a neutral color, like beige or gray, that will appeal to the highest number of buyers possible.

3. De-Personalize Each Room

Keep in mind that the goal of staging a home is to make it easier for potential buyers to picture themselves living there. Unfortunately, when you have your grandchildren’s school pictures, your wedding photos and other pictures hanging around, that can be difficult. When showing your home, remove as many personal items as possible.

4. Remove Large Items and Furniture

While large pieces of furniture in the living room may work for your family, they could distract a potential buyer from the room. Be open minded to removing pieces of furniture from rooms to highlight the space better. If it makes sense for you, consider renting a storage unit for the large items you’re not ready to part with.

5. Focus on Curb Appeal

When someone drives past your house, what do they see? If the outside of your home could use some work, make sure you focus on this before putting your home on the market. Something as simple as adding flowers and plants to the landscape, flower arrangements around your door and more ample lighting outside of your home can really go a long way.

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