Top Reasons to Visit Retirement Communities Before You Move

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Choosing a retirement community for your future is not a choice you should make sight unseen. Picking the right senior living community means stepping onto the grounds of each potential choice and experiencing a little bit of the culture to determine if it’s the place for you.

Starting your search online is a good way to begin. Narrow down your favorites, and then see those in person. Watching the daily life, talking to current residents, and meeting the staff are all critical steps in deciding if you could call a community home.

Reasons to Visit Retirement Communities

At first the idea of scheduling visits to your top choices can seem like a lot of work, but it will pay off in the end. Here are the top benefits of touring each location:

  1. Experience the atmosphere. Getting a sense of the community is the best way to make your final decision about senior living communities. What feels comfortable to one person may not feel like home to the next. Picture yourself living there and then ask yourself if you are happy with that image. At the end of the formal tour, ask if you can wander for a few minutes on your own and really take in the atmosphere. That hard-to-define feeling of home is how you will eventually pick the right spot for you.
  2. Meet the residents. There are times in life when you just feel at ease with the people around you. This is the case in a senior living community. You should feel comfortable around the people you meet and imagine yourself spending time with them. You want to feel like you have the potential of making new friends at the community you choose. Also, take time to ask them how they like living there.
  3. See how they live. Take a look at the activities going on and what is on the upcoming calendar. Make sure the events and activities fit your lifestyle so you will be able to join in and be involved in the community. For example, if you like to garden, check to be sure there is a place for gardening.
  4. Have a meal. Having a wide-variety menu is important when catering to many different tastes in a senior living community. Make sure they are prepared to handle different dietary needs as well. Be observant and see if the residents are enjoying socializing over the meal.
  5. Meet the staff. Watch how the staff interacts with its senior living residents. While qualifications are important, so is basic kindness. This is often a key deciding factor in your final choice. During your tour, ask about the staff-to-resident ratio and compare it to other communities you visit.
  6. Check for cleanliness. If you don’t like any sights, smells or sounds, bring up your concerns to a staff member. It could be a one-time occurrence, but ask the staff until you feel comfortable with the explanation.

Importance of a Senior Community Visit

No amount of online reviews and photos can be a good substitute for an in-person visit. Each community has its own unique feel and ours at Advent Christian Village is no exception. We give you the opportunity to live the meaningful and vibrant life you deserve. Schedule a tour of our faith-based community and discover if this is the right place for you. Contact us today for more information.

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