Types of Jobs for Retirees: Working During Retirement

A group of volunteers, just one type of job for retirees

Today, many older adults choose to continue working in some capacity during their retirement years. This is called a “working retirement” and looks different for everyone. There are several types of jobs for retirees to consider. 

Part-Time vs. Full-Time Work 

One of the first choices to make about a working retirement is how much time you want to spend working. The right choice depends on your desired lifestyle, schedule, income and physical ability to work long hours. 

  • Part-Time Positions: Working part-time can provide flexible hours and more time for relaxation and hobbies while still providing a consistent routine. It also provides supplemental income and chances to foster social relationships. Many older adults choose part-time work because it keeps them engaged in the workforce without giving up the downtime they’d enjoy in a traditional retirement. 

A few part-time jobs for retirees: Retail associate, administrative assistant, customer service representative or tutor.   

  • Full-Time Positions: Having a full-time position can provide a steady income, benefits and opportunities for career advancement. It also brings many opportunities to build long-term relationships with your co-workers and peers. Some older adults thrive in this schedule, while others prefer more downtime and find the long hours difficult.  

A few full-time jobs for retirees: Consultant, project manager, teacher or sales representative. 

When it comes to your work schedule during retirement, there is no one right answer. Ask yourself: What are your goals? What do you want your days to look like?  

It’s also helpful to remember that nothing you choose is permanent. You can give one schedule a try and adjust it later if it’s not the right fit. 

Remote Positions 

The rise of remote work (working entirely from home and not in an office) has created many new opportunities for those who choose to work during retirement. Benefits include flexibility, lack of commute and independence to set your own schedule. It can also be far less physically demanding than an in-person office job, whether you work remotely part- or full-time. 

A few remote positions for retirees: Virtual assistant, tutor, customer service representative, telehealth professional or author. 

Volunteer Work 

Want the structure and purpose of work without the commitment or need for a set schedule?  Volunteer work might be the perfect choice, especially if you do not need supplemental income. These positions are often flexible based on how much you want to work, whether that’s every day or once every other week. 

Benefits of volunteering include giving back to the community, finding a sense of purpose and developing new skills.  

A few volunteer jobs for retirees: Mentor, animal shelter volunteer, tutor for at-risk youth or hospital volunteer. 

Find Your Rhythm at Advent Christian Village 

At the end of the day, you want to spend your retirement years doing what brings you motivation and a sense of purpose. For some seniors, that’s spending time relaxing, gardening or having conversations with neighbors. For others, it’s the excitement of a busy office or the warmth and satisfaction of helping the community at a bustling soup kitchen. 

Advent Christian Village is pleased to offer options for every kind of retirement and can help you explore what the “right” retirement looks like for you. From the perfect cozy home office location to exciting volunteer positions, schedule a visit to explore everything our vibrant community has to offer. We can’t wait to meet you. 

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