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Employees of the Month

Good Samaritan Center and Dacier Manor are blessed with many wonderful employees. These individuals minister to our long-term and short-term members and guests who need the most care. Monthly, an employee who works at either GSC or Dacier Manor is recognized as the Employee of the Month during an informal ceremony. The process of picking one employee to honor is not easy; there are usually multiple nominations from members, families members, and fellow staff members. While the list on this page is incomplete, as the year progresses, each month will reveal what a staff of hard working, dedicated individuals we have. If you would like to nominate a Good Samaritan Center or Dacier Manor employee for this honor, click here.

Felix Santos
GSC & Dacier Employee of the Month
January 2017

    The book of Proverbs says, “A cheerful heart is good medicine.” Though his job description doesn’t include dispensing medication, Felix regularly treats those he meets with a dose of good cheer. The staff member who nominated him for this award wrote:
    “As I was driving to work and thinking about how tired I was and all I needed to do at home, I found myself wishing I didn’t have to go at all. That feeling of dread for the day ahead stayed with me until I walked in the door and the first person I met was Felix. He flashed that big welcoming smile and gave me a friendly greeting. I reflected on the fact that he seems to be delighted to be here.
    “I think he really loves his job and shows it. He works hard to take care of his housekeeping duties, frequently singing Christmas carols as he works, and shares good cheer wherever he goes. His smile and those reflections turned my ‘down’ day into a much better one.”close

Herman McComas
GSC & Dacier Employee of the Month
February 2017

    Herman was originally part of the construction crew that completed a whole-house renovation at GSC over a three-year period ending in 2015. When that project was over, he filled an opening in GSC's maintenance department and has since been promoted to Director of Plant Operations.
    His knowledge of how to maintain and repair things grew out of a career in the Public Works Department of Hollywood, Florida, from which he retired in his 40s.
    Herman was nominated for this award by a co-worker who is grateful for his promptness and efficiency and the happy spirit he shows while meeting a multitude of needs every day.
    Herman enjoys working, but he enjoys working at GSC even more because of his personal contact with residents. Busy as he always is, he still makes time for a friendly chat and takes an interest in each person he serves.close

Rhonda Carlton, LPN
GSC & Dacier Employee of the Month
March 2017

    From the time she began her employment at GSC last May, Rhonda has been appreciated by her co-workers. Here are a few quotations from her nomination:
    “This nurse goes above and beyond her daily duties to assist the CNAs to aid in their work load. As she’s given extra tasks, she takes them head on and NEVER complains. She has a calm and caring demeanor, and is great in challenging situations. She is very approachable and always willing to lend a helping hand unbegrudgingly. She shows exemplary work ethics and is very caring and patient.”
    Thank you, Rhonda, for good work done with the attitude that helps make Good Samaritan Center a happy place to live and to work.close

Marilyn Filion, LPN
GSC & Dacier Employee of the Month
April 2017

    During her 15 years of caring for residents at GSC, Marilyn has won her place in the hearts of fellow staff members and those they serve. She received this award in 2008 and again in 2012. That means that out of 200+ eligible employees, Marilyn has the rare distinction of being a three-time winner.
    The co-worker who nominated her this time wrote, “She is a real asset to GSC and a joy for both staff and residents alike. I have had numerous interactions with her over the past year and should have nominated her many times in the past.”
    One resident remarked about her, “I just feel better when she is on duty.”
    Whether she’s showing the kind of cooperation and helpfulness that pleases co-workers or providing for special food preferences of a resident, or buying birdseed for those outside-the-window visitors, Marilyn is one who is willing and ready to do even more than her fair share to help make ours is a happy home.close

Vikki Gamble, CNA
GSC & Dacier Employee of the Month
May 2017

    For family members of nursing home residents, a very important matter is the attitude shown by staff towards their loved ones.
    This is the second time Vikki has won this award and been recognized as an outstanding example of compassionate care.
    The nomination included among other nice compliments:
    “She is always cheerful and loving with all of the residents. ... I rest assured that my mother will be in excellent hands when Vikki is taking care of her. I also observe that she is very efficient, patient and loving with all of the residents. ... She always gives my mama sweet smiles and affection. It is so reassuring to have staff show love and kindness to the residents.”
    Congratulations, Vikki, and thank you for all you do to make life better for our residents. You help put the “home” into nursing home life.close

James Waters, CNA
GSC & Dacier Employee of the Month
June 2017

    James has worked at Good Samaritan for less than a year, but he came to us with many years of experience as a CNA. He has quickly won appreciation here from residents and fellow staff members.
    One of his nominations for this award came from a resident who wrote, "Best CNA I have had while here, does anything he is asked."
    A co-worker started her nomination with "James Waters, what a wonderful CNA. We are so blessed to have him here and part of our Good Samaritan family."
    A total of four nominations included among other compliments, "Always respectful ... works with a smile ... patient ... kind ... gentle ... wonderful with my granny ... I always look forward to working with him."     Congratulations, James, and thank you for adding so much to the happiness of our home and place of work.close

Letitia Laster, CNA
GSC & Dacier Employee of the Month
July 2016

    Letitia is the kind of person who wins the respect of her co-workers and appreciation from residents. Rather than avoiding difficult “cases” in resident care, she seeks them out so that she can make life a little better for someone.
    The fellow employee who nominated her for this award wrote on the nomination card:
    “She goes the second and third mile. She is quick and efficient, yet thoughtful. She serves from a heart of compassion. She often looks out for the less blessed residents. I’ve seen her look after a resident who is very difficult. (Her calm manner comes from her trust in God.) Sometimes I hear her humming and singing, and it cheers me on!”
    Congratulations, Letitia. Your kindness of spirit and actions sets a good example for all of us to follow.close

Judy Roberts, Medical Records
GSC & Dacier Employee of the Month
August 2016

    Judy works most of the time in an “out of sight” location, but what she does in the privacy of the medical records department is of vital importance to our facility.
    Here are a few quotes from her nomination:
    “She is responsible for tracking census, insurance information, and making charts for new residents. She also has the duty of maintaining medical records and ensuring all records are complete and in order. In addition to being excellent at her job, she is a great friend to many staff and residents. She is always willing to lend a helping hand to staff or residents in times of need. She helps deliver the mail to residents and takes time to visit with them. She has been an employee of GSC for 22 years and is very dedicated to the residents and facility.”close

Renee Pope
GSC & Dacier Employee of the Month
September 2016

    Renee is the weekend supervisor at Dacier Manor assisted living facility. With reduced staffing on hand over the weekend, her responsibilities involve quick adaptation to changing circumstances and flexibility to meet the needs of the residents under her care.
    She excels in these skills and has won the admiration and confidence of her residents and co-workers.
    However, it was a visitor who made the observation that led to her nomination for this award. When a resident had to be sent to the hospital, this visitor noticed the depth of concern that Renee showed in being sure the hospital staff was fully informed with information that would be helpful in assuring the best possible outcome from the hospitalization. She, the visitor, put her commendation in a letter that became a nomination for Employee of the Month.close

Celena Gutshall, Social Services
GSC & Dacier Employee of the Month
October 2016

    Celena first came to work at Good Samaritan Center as office manager in the “front office.” Among her many duties was managing the resident trust fund. She enjoyed so much her contact with and opportunity to help residents, that when an opening developed in social services, she took on that role for more direct resident care.
    One resident wrote in her nomination for this award, “She will contact the staff when I need their help and cannot get answers. She is not superior and cross with me and respects that I am older and disabled and cannot sometimes do things on my own.”
    She also received a nomination written by a fellow staff member which included, “When there is a temporary staffing need on a different court or even in a different department, she is one who fills in efficiently and pleasantly.”
    Thank you, Celena, for showing the way.close

Kasey Cannon, LPN
GSC & Dacier Employee of the Month
November 2016

    Kasey is known by fellow staff and residents as the one who is always calm, quiet and efficient. Recently, during an especially tense time, those qualities shone brightly.
    An ambulance had been called for transporting a resident to the hospital. As the ambulance crew arrived, a different resident developed much more acute symptoms, making it plain that the crew needed to be redirected toward the more urgent case first. Nurse Kasey orchestrated the change in plans for the EMTs, telephoned needed information to the emergency room, reassured the more critical resident’s spouse, charted the necessary information into the computer, and still “kept her hall humming.”
    The physician who nominated her wrote in conclusion, “Everyone on the unit pitched in and worked together, but I was particularly impressed with this nurse’s level head under pressure.”close

Wanda Rodriguez, Medical Supplies
GSC & Dacier Employee of the Month
December 2016

    Wanda does one of those jobs at GSC that goes unseen by most of us most of the time. However, the quiet efficiency with which she performs her many duties makes everyone’s life and work experience better.
    She is responsible for maintaining a working inventory of all of the medical supplies in the facility. That means she keeps track of how many of each item are on hand, and knows the usage rate of each so she can make timely purchases.
    When ordering new supplies, she knows which vendors are likely to offer the best price and best quality, and sometimes negotiates and “shops” so she can get the best possible deal for our home and the residents who live here.
    Wanda wins appreciation from administration for being a top notch purchasing agent and from fellow staff members for meeting their many needs quickly and cheerfully.close