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Employees of the Month

Good Samaritan Center and Dacier Manor are blessed with many wonderful employees. These individuals minister to our long-term and short-term members and guests who need the most care. Monthly, an employee who works at either GSC or Dacier Manor is recognized as the Employee of the Month during an informal ceremony. The process of picking one employee to honor is not easy; there are usually multiple nominations from members, families members, and fellow staff members. While the list on this page is incomplete, as the year progresses, each month will reveal what a staff of hard working, dedicated individuals we have. If you would like to nominate a Good Samaritan Center or Dacier Manor employee for this honor, click here.

Richard Cole, CNA
GSC & Dacier Employee of the Month
January 2018

    One part of Richard’s job is assisting in the dining room. We all know how frustrating it can be to need help in a restaurant while being served by a wait person who has great skill in avoiding eye contact. When Richard is working, that is not a problem.
    Here are a few quotations from residents about his attentiveness:     “He is a hard worker, always doing whatever he can to help a resident out ... very dependable ... always smiling and happy ... very caring to all residents. He is a man who does his assigned work faithfully, cheerfully, and sensibly. The residents know that they are loved and being properly cared for and accurately assessed in terms of their eating habits. He is a friendly guy. He is good at cleaning up spills, etc. He asks about what we need and assists with our meals.”
    Congratulations, Richard, and thank you for making meal time enjoyable for many.close

Samantha Frazier
GSC & Dacier Employee of the Month
February 2018

    One of the nurses with whom Samantha works wrote, “When Samantha is caring for residents down my hall, I know they will be well taken care of. She is dependable, hard working, takes initiative and always stays late to help when needed.”close

Rhonda Carlton, LPN
GSC & Dacier Employee of the Month
March 2017

    From the time she began her employment at GSC last May, Rhonda has been appreciated by her co-workers. Here are a few quotations from her nomination:
    “This nurse goes above and beyond her daily duties to assist the CNAs to aid in their work load. As she’s given extra tasks, she takes them head on and NEVER complains. She has a calm and caring demeanor, and is great in challenging situations. She is very approachable and always willing to lend a helping hand unbegrudgingly. She shows exemplary work ethics and is very caring and patient.”
    Thank you, Rhonda, for good work done with the attitude that helps make Good Samaritan Center a happy place to live and to work.close

Marilyn Filion, LPN
GSC & Dacier Employee of the Month
April 2017

    During her 15 years of caring for residents at GSC, Marilyn has won her place in the hearts of fellow staff members and those they serve. She received this award in 2008 and again in 2012. That means that out of 200+ eligible employees, Marilyn has the rare distinction of being a three-time winner.
    The co-worker who nominated her this time wrote, “She is a real asset to GSC and a joy for both staff and residents alike. I have had numerous interactions with her over the past year and should have nominated her many times in the past.”
    One resident remarked about her, “I just feel better when she is on duty.”
    Whether she’s showing the kind of cooperation and helpfulness that pleases co-workers or providing for special food preferences of a resident, or buying birdseed for those outside-the-window visitors, Marilyn is one who is willing and ready to do even more than her fair share to help make ours is a happy home.close

Vikki Gamble, CNA
GSC & Dacier Employee of the Month
May 2017

    For family members of nursing home residents, a very important matter is the attitude shown by staff towards their loved ones.
    This is the second time Vikki has won this award and been recognized as an outstanding example of compassionate care.
    The nomination included among other nice compliments:
    “She is always cheerful and loving with all of the residents. ... I rest assured that my mother will be in excellent hands when Vikki is taking care of her. I also observe that she is very efficient, patient and loving with all of the residents. ... She always gives my mama sweet smiles and affection. It is so reassuring to have staff show love and kindness to the residents.”
    Congratulations, Vikki, and thank you for all you do to make life better for our residents. You help put the “home” into nursing home life.close

James Waters, CNA
GSC & Dacier Employee of the Month
June 2017

    James has worked at Good Samaritan for less than a year, but he came to us with many years of experience as a CNA. He has quickly won appreciation here from residents and fellow staff members.
    One of his nominations for this award came from a resident who wrote, "Best CNA I have had while here, does anything he is asked."
    A co-worker started her nomination with "James Waters, what a wonderful CNA. We are so blessed to have him here and part of our Good Samaritan family."
    A total of four nominations included among other compliments, "Always respectful ... works with a smile ... patient ... kind ... gentle ... wonderful with my granny ... I always look forward to working with him."     Congratulations, James, and thank you for adding so much to the happiness of our home and place of work.close

Amerette Ridgeway
GSC & Dacier Employee of the Month
July 2017

    Amerette works in one of those out-of-the-way offices where most of us do not go most of the time. Usually those who visit her (including about 50 nurses and about 100 CNAs) are there for some kind of information or help related to their continuing education, license, or certification documents. Amerette always has the answer or knows where to find it.
    Another regular job for her is the typing and printing of the hundreds of menus residents find at their places three times a day in the dining rooms.
    While she is forever willing to help, courteous and caring, Amerette truly went above and beyond during the recent CNA certification renewal period. She came in early, stayed late, and prompted staff with phone calls and written notices to assure that each CNA had completed their necessary training and their certification renewal. Because she has many other duties, she spent a great deal of her personal time to assist the CNAs at GSC during this time. She did it all with a smile and without complaint. We are so very lucky to have someone so dedicated.close

Sharon Lytle, Cook
GSC & Dacier Employee of the Month
August 2017

    Sharon wins the appreciation of her co-workers in the kitchen by being the go-to person when there is a problem.
    Working against a deadline always requires diligence and the ability to adjust when unpleasant events occur. When the job has three built-in deadlines every day, weekends included, unexpected problems can grow into major difficulties in a hurry.
    Her nomination for this award referred to one of those unexpected problems:
    “She pulled together a fantastic meal when food didn’t come on the truck. She prepared an enchilada and stuffed pepper casserole to substitute for chicken enchiladas and stuffed peppers. She found a recipe online in her off time. She takes great pride in the food she prepares and does her best to make residents feel at home.”
    Thanks, Sharon, for showing a delicious combination of ingenuity and skill when it was needed most.close

Katrina Fillyaw, GSC Assistant Administrator
GSC & Dacier Employee of the Month
September 2017

    Katrina began her work here in 2008 as a CNA. She has worked in several departments gaining a wealth of experience. In 2010 after earning a bachelor’s degree in health care administration, she became Administrator in Training at GSC. In 2015 she became a licensed nursing home administrator and continues to serve in that capacity as Assistant Administrator.
    Katrina was nominated for this award by two co-workers. Here is a quotation from the nomination: “Katrina has a big heart and cares for staff and residents at GSC. She will accept any task assigned to her and always gives 100 percent. Recently, when GSC had no food service director for almost two months, she accepted that responsibility as well. She learned to complete the food order, scheduled the dietary staff, and insured our residents had everything they needed. Katrina is always dependable and will do whatever is necessary for our residents.”close

Gregory Ivey, Housekeeping
GSC & Dacier Employee of the Month
October 2017

    He is known as "Greg" to most of his fellow employees. He is also known for seeing his role here as one that goes beyond keeping the building clean and safe. His manner of personal interaction with other staff and residents caught the attention of one who wrote on his nomination card, "He started here working in the kitchen. He always had a positive attitude even during transition times when there were challenges to everyone. He transferred to the Housekeeping Department in March and takes great pride in his work. He pays great attention to detail, greets the residents and the staff as he sees them, and is a dedicated worker. Sometimes it is the little things that you observe when he interacts with the residents that make him stand out. I think he is a positive role model for new employees also. I hope his dedication will not be overlooked, but applauded.”close

Meme Lessman, Dacier Manor Resident Assistant
GSC & Dacier Employee of the Month
November 2017

    When Meme's name was announced as Employee of the Month for November, a "wave" of smiles spread through the room filled with residents and staff, expressing a consensus of "well deserved."
    A coworker had written Meme's nomination, and in it reflected the opinion of many with the following:
    "She has become quite the jewel of our Dacier team ... very genuine ... an honor to work with. She doesn't let anything outside of the workplace affect her personal work ethic. She brings a new level of joy to every resident, staff and visitor she meets."
    One of the "perks" enjoyed by each Employee of the Month is a reserved parking space, but she will not be using it, because she is spending several weeks with her family in the Philippines during November.
    Thank you, Meme, for the wonderful contribution you make toward happy living and working at Advent Christian Village.close

Loretta Bruckler, LPN
GSC & Dacier Employee of the Month
December 2017

    During her nine years of service at Good Samaritan Center, Loretta has usually worked the night shift. She says, “I am not a morning person.” What a blessing it is to residents and fellow staff to know there is an “evening and night person” who can stay alert and do what needs to be done well and with a good attitude!
    One of the things she enjoys most about her job is the opportunity to interact with the residents. Learning their likes and preferences enables her to perform the technical parts of nursing — such as orders, doses, and schedules — while keeping in mind what the resident enjoys or prefers.
    Attention to the importance of person-centered care and dedication to an exemplary work ethic even when challenged with personal health concerns encouraged the person who nominated Loretta for this award to describe her as an example for fellow employees.close