Resources for Senior Caregivers: Caring for a Parent at Home

A woman with her elderly mother

Being the primary caregiver for an aging loved one is a beautiful way to support them – but is not without challenges. Over time, many senior caregivers face challenges such as physical exhaustion, financial stress, social isolation, and navigating tough healthcare situations.

That’s why it takes a village – you need support, too. Here are resources to help you, as a caregiver, so you can help your loved one.

Providing Care at Home

How to Provide Memory Loss Care at Home: It can be challenging for senior caregivers to care for a loved one when they have not been trained in memory care. It’s important to equip yourself with knowledge for their sake as well as yours. If this is your reality, here’s what you need to know about taking care of a loved one with memory loss at home.  Read Blog

What is Aging in Place? There’s no place like home, and that can be especially true as you get older. Many senior adults choose to stay in their current homes – with a few adjustments. This option is referred to as aging in place. To age in place, you will adjust the layout of your home so that it is as safe and hazard-free as possible. It also can include planning for assistance with finances, insurance or anything else you need help managing. Read Blog

Taking Care of Yourself

Signs of Compassion Fatigue and How to Manage the Exhaustion: Compassion fatigue is the emotional and physical exhaustion caused by caring for others, which can lead to an emotional numbness or a significant decrease in the ability to empathize. It is often described as burnout. If left untreated, compassion fatigue not only can affect mental and physical health but can also affect the relationship with their loved one. Read Blog

Four Resources for Senior Adult Caregivers: Being the caregiver for a senior adult is an important, and often rewarding, role. It is not always without challenges, however. These four organizations have created guides and community groups to help you stay connected to the resources – and support – you need to care for aging loved ones. Read Blog

Exploring Additional Care

Talking to Aging Parents About Assisted Living: How to Open the Conversation: For an adult child, it can be hard to see your parents getting older. Maybe they’re struggling to keep up with daily tasks, such as grocery shopping, housework or driving.  If you feel your parents would benefit from receiving more support than you are able to give them, it may be time to bring up the topic of assisted living. Read Blog

Benefits of a Home Health Aide: The goal of Home Health Care for seniors is to allow them to remain as independent as possible, giving them the freedom to live on their own while minimizing the need for full-time care. Home Health Aides can assist with a broad spectrum of tasks. Their dedication and care have an enormous impact on the lives of their patients. Read Blog

Find Support at Advent Christian Village

If you need additional support as a senior caregiver, you are not alone, and you have options. Advent Christian Village is a faith-based retirement community offering a wide scope of care, including companion services, in-home careskilled nursingassisted living and memory care. With a professional staff offering compassionate care, you can breathe easy knowing that your loved one is getting quality care with a compassionate touch.

Learn more about our services or call 800.647.3353 to speak with a staff member today.

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