Village Streams: March 2017

Move to Improve: Exercise is Just as Important for Seniors


Not long ago, it was common belief that older adults didn’t need to exercise — retirement was time to just sit and relax. Another widespread idea was that exercise was actually harmful for people with certain ailments — “I can’t exercise because I have heart disease.” Now, more people than ever, at all ages, are exercising. So, does age-old wisdom prevail, or is exercise important for senior adults? If it is important, how much is enough?

Dennis Swanberg will deliver his family-friendly humor and impersonations to kick off Winter Retreat 2017 at Advent Christian Village on Friday, March 10, at 7:00 p.m.

Come for Golf, Guffaws and Growth at ACV


This week is Advent Christian Village’s biennial Winter Retreat. Winter Retreat is ACV’s combination revival and homecoming event. Many activities of spiritual renewal, fun and fellowship are planned, and you are invited to participate.

Deputy Sheriff Greg Kastor has worked most of his life in Suwannee County law enforcement. He now brings his considerable experience to the streets of Dowling Park.

There’s a New Sheriff’s Deputy in Town


Deputy Sheriff Greg Kastor is now on patrol in Dowling Park. The grandson of Eula Setzer, one of the first five orphans to move to Advent Christian Village in 1913, Dep. Kastor says working here feels like coming home.

Verna Simpson recently moved into Taylor Commons, a new neighborhood still under construction at Advent Christian Village at Dowling Park. The two benefits she’s most excited about are no yard work and the convenient location. When complete, Taylor Commons will house 30 apartments.

Brand New Apartments Opening in Dowling Park


Members and friends of ACV have been watching as a stretch of Dowling Park Drive has undergone a dramatic transformation. Where once cinderblock duplexes stood, now stands an entirely new neighborhood of townhome-style apartments called Taylor Commons. This project not only increases occupancy in that area, but also enhances curb appeal at ACV’s center.