Village Streams: November 2016

Holiday Visits — Offering Practical Help to Loved Ones


The holidays are a special time for family and friends to get together. It’s not uncommon for us to visit a senior loved one who would benefit from our help. As you make your holiday plans, think about how you can help your loved one with things in the home so they don’t have to do it later. Offering your assistance during your holiday visit is a great way to show love and support in ways that linger on throughout the year. It’s natural to be concerned that your loved one remains safe and happy in their home as they age. You have a great opportunity during your holiday visit to help them … and make your visit even more meaningful.

Harold Garner says one key to being a successful stained glass artist is to have a proper work space. Harold has been crafting stained glass beauties for over 10 years, and he is very talented at it.

Stained Glass is an Artform


Pliers, cutters, grinders, soldering irons, lead, copper, and … glass — these are the tools of a stained glass artist. A touch of engineering, a dash of imagination and skilled hands come together to produce works of art that can only be truly appreciated in the light. Just like painting and sculpting, anyone can pick up the tools and produce a product. But it takes an artist to produce something beautiful. Harold Garner is an artist.

Sharon Belovarac (left) and Lynne Spriggs (two surveyors with CARF) pause with Advent Christian Village President/CEO Craig Carter at the very start of ACV’s on-site survey. A third surveyor, Brent Edgerton, performed his duties remotely. ACV recently learned that they were awarded a Five-Year Term of Accreditation.

Five More Years!


CARF-CCAC (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities - Continuing Care Accreditation Commission) announced that Advent Christian Village (ACV) has been awarded a Five-Year Term of Accreditation. The announcement came early this month following an on-site survey at the end of September.